A June Summer Menu Plan

It’s been a minute since we talked menu plans, so we’re revisiting one of our favorite content series with recipes inspired by the season. These are light, fresh, EASY meal ideas that work whether you’re planning dinner for one or feeding a crowd. Plus, this summer menu plan gives you an excuse to swing by your local farmer’s market for the freshest produce possible.

To start, we’re sharing three main dishes with busy weeknights in mind—all of which come together in about 30 minutes. From there, we’ll highlight two flavorful side dishes, a berry-infused dessert, and of course, something fun to sip throughout the weekend. We know summer schedules can be hectic, but let’s take meal planning off your list.


Easy, fresh summer menu idea for weeknight dinnersEasy, fresh summer menu idea for weeknight dinners

summer menu plan




Rosemary peach chicken from Half Baked Harvest, summer menu ideas

recipe & photo via Half Baked Harvest


Rosemary Peach Chicken with a White Wine Pan Sauce


This recipe has become our standby for a reason. We’ve made it on countless occasions, but it’s always best in the height of peach season. Here’s the gist: seasoned chicken breasts, sliced peaches, torn mozzarella, fresh rosemary, and a splash of Sauvignon Blanc for good measure. It’s one of those main dishes that’s worthy of serving guests, but it’s just as easily whipped up for a casual family meal.  We like to pair it with grilled vegetables and brown rice, and lots of pan sauce drizzled on top.


Coconut Rice Stuffed Peppers from Love & Lemons, summer menu ideas

recipe & photo via Love & Lemons


Coconut Rice Stuffed Peppers


It’s bell pepper season, and we’re more than ready to embrace it. But before we delve into this recipe, you should know these aren’t your granmther’s stuffed peppers. They’re bursting with flavor thanks to an aromatic filling of herbs, mango, sautéed veggies, and coconut rice. Love & Lemons has made this recipe vegetarian with the addition of tofu, but you can swap in another protein option if you so choose. Our biggest piece of advice is to grab herbs FRESH from the garden to let those flavors shine.


Caribbean Jerk Salmon Bowls from Butter Be Ready

recipe & photo via Butter Be Ready


Caribbean Jerk Salmon Bowls


If you’re going to the effort of weeknight cooking, it’s always a major bonus to have some leftovers on hand. Enter: this jerk salmon bowl developed by Quin of Butter Be Ready. Each component of the bowl (salmon + rice + veggies and toppings) is prepped separately, so things won’t be a soggy mess if you save extras for lunch the next day. You can customize the toppings to your heart’s content, and don’t forget to marinate the salmon ahead of time for a serious flavor kick.



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Charred Carrots with Herbs from What's Gaby Cooking

recipe & photo via What’s Gaby Cooking


Charred Carrots with Herbs


Carrots are highly underrated, in our opinion. Sure, supermarket baby carrots are fine for snacking, but it’s rainbow carrots straight from the farmers market where the real magic lies. All it takes is a little time in a cast iron skillet or grill for their deep flavors to be released. From there, top them with high-quality olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, and this basil mint dressing for summertime perfection.


White Bean Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette from The Modern Proper

recipe & photo via The Modern Proper


White Bean Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette


We’re constantly on the lookout for summer salads that don’t involve lettuce. Don’t get us wrong, leafy greens have their place, but let’s just say they’re not our absolute favorite. Luckily, food bloggers like The Modern Proper share our affinity for salad alternatives, just like this white bean Mediterranean side dish. The key here is to opt for canned Italian butter beans versus the navy or cannellini varieties. Or, take it one step further and freshly cook dried white beans after they’ve soaked overnight







Summer Berry Galette from Inspired With a Twist

recipe & photo via Inspired With a Twist


Summer Berry Galette


If you’ve never made a galette before, this recipe is the best place to start. You’ll skip the complicated dough creation with a frozen puff pastry that tastes just as great. Once again, it’s all about the freshness of your berries, which will be sweetened up with a little honey and sugar. Once the galette is assembled, it’ll bake for about 25 minutes, and we recommend serving it straight out of the oven.




Peach Basil Kombucha Sangria

recipe & photo via Hello Glow


Peach Basil Kombucha Sangria


Hot summer nights and homemade sangria go hand-in-hand. But we like to keep things simple with recipes that are easy to whip up whenever friends or neighbors pop over on the fly. All you’ll need are: two peaches, a few sprigs of basil, chilled white wine, a drop of honey, and a bottle of kombucha. Mix everything together, gently smash the peaches, and serve.



Easy, fresh summer menu plan weeknight dinner ideas


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